RUNNING - Improve your life with every next step

The spec ad RUNNING is a tribute to sports and especially running regular times a week. Since the corona pandemic has affected the lives of all of us, sports have become one of the main activities to beat that disease and keep life moving forward. Especially in times of home office, it has become a mainstream activity to participate in the outside world. Since that people of our video collaboration have progressed in their own ways very well. And because that sport has helped us so much. People who haven’t discovered yet that wonderful sports we want to encourage start running now and make their lives better with every next step.

Our key strengths


We constantly participate in professional and social projects to sharpen our skills and our eyes.
For this video, we shot in 4K Blackmagic RAW with Xeen lenses.


Our editing techniques are outstanding as we work for television, commercial agencies, and unique artists. With jobs like tv shows, trailers, or ads we were able to learn a variety of formats, which we have implemented in this video. In this case, Adobe Premiere Pro was our main tool.


We have shaped our sense of music for many years. By working with trailer production houses and theatrical productions worldwide including the Lion King and Frozen, we were able to master our craft and finally bring it to this project to unleash the full potential of the clip and its message.

Our best shots

Our professionals

Dimitri Slavin

Director & Producer

He is an ambitious storyteller who loves to bring ideas to life, but also bring people together for the best result.

Elias Müller

Director of Photographie

A fantastic DP with the strongest eye for esthetics you can find on the market.

Abi Chriette

Talent & Editor

An unbelievably sympathetic person with a bunch of talents like acting, dubbing, editing, and modeling. Just the heart of every crew and a benefit for any project.

Alexey Pavlov


He is a person who is really passionate about his craft. When he becomes involved he brings so many ideas with him that you could easily produce a sequel of your project already. And he pushes the result until its perfection and masterpiece quality.

Alexander Krebs


His sense of postproduction technology and color correction has no equal. When you need to balance your pictures to perfection he is definitely your man. With him, you will be able to experience the final result on all possible screens in its best shape.

Gavin Haughey


Gavin is just an outstanding grader. And you can see that on his huge client list. He has worked for all the popular brands like Mercedes, Porsche, Swisscom, and even Huawei. There is no other guy on the market who has gained so much trust in his abilities and sense of color.

Kilian Harssen


Kilian is a very empathic musician who is very familiar with the software FL Studio and he is always trying to break new ground and create impressive sounds.

Our effort in numbers

Shooting days

That less was needed to produce more than 1TB of data which consists of a big variety of shots that create that super fast and strong atmosphere.

That much was needed to create a huge variety of pictures and atmosphere but also different angles and colors. We passed at least 200km for that.

That long it took to find the best editing, compose the best music and achieve the best colors for the final result and become competitive with other professionals.